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Field Near Big G's, Oil on Canvas 2016

Marjorie Moskowitz

Jimmy's (1).jpg

Jesse's Iris at Dinsmore Road 2018


The order imposed by people on landscape loses to nature’s insistence to re-assert itself. This subject matter lends itself to a direct response and vigorous mark-making that is often less pre-meditated than reactive.  Activated surface, abstract surface, patterns and color are a life long dialogue.  They are as much of a passion of the work as is that of sheer vivacity. 


The painting invites the viewer to step into a pliable, welcoming and intense but unknown, mysterious, and complex world.   The tension created by these opposing forces is seductive and passionate. The landscape stops the eye; it is prophetic and beautiful yet subject to the constant force of nature.  The goal is to see, capture and embody those moments when we see nature for its own particularity and for its own passionate force. The balance between representation and abstraction is nothing if not true to the live process, in which fact and imagination push and pull against each other.

Observations and Amplifications

Examining mark making and the nuances of color and light in nature, Marjorie Moskowitz presents a new body of work involving the close observation of aspects of landscape and the amplification of these images.

There is a moment in time, and in nature, when plants are at the peak of their reproductive cycle. They are fully asserting their seductive beauty/perfection/ splendor/ripeness. We observe blooming fields in their entirety. These paintings are the opposite of that gestalt. Just as all matter is made up of atoms which contain electronically moving parts, the focus is on select blooms and show the importance of their smallest components. 

-Marjorie Moskowitz  

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